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Silicon Cupping set of 4
Silicon Cupping set of 4
Silicon Cupping set of 4
Silicon Cupping set of 4
Silicon Cupping set of 4

Product Description

This cupping set is made of silicone, making it easy to use and clean. Silicone makes the cups very durable. The set consists of 4 different cups in different sizes, which you can use for different body parts. It comes in a convenient storage bag.  This set was specifically designed to use on cellulite treatments, but can be used for other treatments.

The cups have more suction the bigger they get. The biggest cup can be used on your thighs for example. If this is too sensitive on your skin, you can easily take a smaller cup.


  • Diameters: 4,5 cm, 6cm, 7,5cm and 10cm
  • Easy to clean with alcohol spray
  • Can be used on any part of the body
  • Made from durable materials
  • Extremely long lifespan

How to use silicon cups

  1. Apply a good cream or wax to the body part that you want to cup. This will allow the cups to move over the skin better;
  2. Press the top of the cup firmly;
  3. Create a vacuum so that your skin is sucked into the cup by about 1.5 centimetres;
  4. Move the cup in circular movements over the body;
  5. Start with 1 minute per zone and build up to 7 minutes per zone.
    Repeat the treatment every other day and once you have achieved the desired result, reduce it to once a week.

The round shape of the cups allows you to glide over the skin and hold it. Use more or less pressure by pressing on the cup. You will see that the shape of the cup remains round, so that you can treat a well-shaped area.

About cups

With a cupping massage, the lymphatic system can loosen up and remove the subcutaneous waste that causes the well-known orange peel skin (cellulite). The circulation and production of collagen is stimulated, which can make the skin look healthier and tighter. Using the FASCIQ® cellulite cups, you can treat the appearance of cellulite. The different sizes can be used for different parts of the body. Cupping therapy can feel irritating at first, so be sure to build up the cupping massage gently and use a good oil to glide the anti-cellulite cups over the skin. Use the FASCIQ® fascia cream for gliding the cups over the skin, the FASCIQ® fascia wax can provide more grip.


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Silicon Cupping set of 4

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