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Pointer Pulse

Laser and TranscutaneousElectrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices are used for the symptomatic reliefof chronic (long term) intractable pain and as an adjunctive treatment in themanagement of post surgical traumatic pain problems. Laser is also used as asubstitution of invasive acupuncture treatment. Laser acupuncture meansdirectly irradiating some key body points on the surface of the skin. Hand heldpulsed Laser and pulsed T.E.N.S.

Modern Spring Type Probe Tip

Sensitivity Adjustment Immediate Point Location and Treatment

T.E.N.S. Stimulation and or Laser stimulation continuous or 10 Hz pulsed laser stimulation Advantages of Laser Stimulation

Painless and without sensation of numbness

Harmless, no tissue damage

Complete sterility Technical Specifications For Electric stimulation

Channel: One

The Peak of Output Current: micro current,

Blue zone on dial (0-2 mA)

Black zone on dial (2-45 mA)

¡Ó20% (on 500 ohm loading)

Pulse Rate: 10 Hz (fixed) ¡Ó20 %

Pulse Width: 260 £gS (fixed) ¡Ó20 %

Pulse Shape: Biphasic Square Wave with a negative spik

Wave Form: Continuous

Indicator Lamp: Green lamp indicates the stimulation & detection mode; yellow lamp indicates laser operation. For Laser stimulation

Laser Wavelength: 650nm

Maximum Power Output: 5mW, solid state diode. Do not stare at laser beam directly or through optical instrument.


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Pointer Pulse

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