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Cefar Peristim Pro: Anal Probe

The CEFAR PERISTIM PRO has nine preset programs for treating stress, urge and mixed incontinence, making it easy to use for both the tester and the patient and is also programmable with the possibility to create and store custom programs.

The Anal probe provides electronic stimulation via nerves in the perineum to be used in conjunction with the Cefar Peristim Pro, a two-channel incontinence stimulator that allows you to treat the patient with a vaginal and an anal electrode or with surface electrodes. 

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Stimulation for anal-/vaginal- probe or with surface electrodes

CEFAR PERISTIM PRO gives the opportunity to treat either with anal- or vaginal- probes or with surface electrodes.

You should look at the extras that are available with this machine and available to purchase separately:  EA126A: Anal Stimulator.  EA126B: Vaginal Stimulator.  EA126C:  Electrodes (5cm x 5cm) pack of 4.

Programming function

There are three open slots, which make it possible to create your own parameters for each individual patient. For CEFAR PERISTIM PRO you can easily program either continuous stimulation or intermittent stimulation. The continuous stimulation can set both frequency and pulsewidth. The intermittent stimulation can set both frequency and pulsewidth, but with a fixed ramp up and ramp down time for 2 seconds, also work time and rest time can be customized.



The new CEFAR PERISTIM PRO is equipped with backlight which has been a request by many users. A larger display in combination with backlight makes it easier to see and read the display on the CEFAR PERISTIM PRO, even if the surrounding light is insufficient.


Self check

To increase the level of security for the user, CEFAR PERISTIM PRO is equipped with un automatic self check. If there is something wrong in the PCB (printed circuit board) connections, the stimulator will not be possible to use. An error sign will be shown in the display, and service is needed.



The preset treatment time for all programs is set to 30 minutes. You have the option to change the timing individually up to 60 minutes.


Program guide

Extensive information regarding when to use what program is now added to the users manual. Here you can get information about the different stimulation forms, example of indications and also find electrode placement pictures of all the suggested treatments.


Program lock, key lock and pause button

All the necessary features for both prescriber and patient.

Program: Stimulation forms: Frequency: Pulse width: Timer:
P1 Stress incontinence, stimulation time 3 sec. 50 Hz ...
P10-12 Custom programs ...
P2 Stress incontinence, stimulation time 5 sec. 50 Hz ...
P3 Stress incontinence, stimulation time 10 sec. 50 Hz ...
P4 Mixed incontinence stimulation time 3 sec. 20 Hz ...
P5 Mixed incontinence stimulation time 5 sec. 20 Hz ...
P6 Mixed incontinence stimulation time 10 sec. 20 Hz ...
P7 Urge incontinence 10 Hz ...
P8 Urge incontinence 80 Hz ...
P9 Urge incontinence 2 Hz ...

No. channels   2
Stimulation current/channel   0-120 mA
No. of pre-set programs   7+ 3 open spots for programming
Stimulation forms   Continuous and intermittent
Pulse width:   50-300 µs (adjustable)
Frequency   Max 50 Hz
Timer   Yes
Power supply   2 pcs. 1.2 V AA rechargeable batteries or 2 pcs. 1.5 V AA non-rechargeable batteries.
Size (W x H x D)   120 x 50 x 30 mm
Weight   About 180 g


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Cefar Peristim Pro: Anal Probe

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