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Now Booking! Battlefield Acupuncture course 29th-30th October in Manchester

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What is Battlefield Acupuncture?

This ear (auricular) acupuncture protocol was developed by Dr Richard C. Niemtzow in 2001. He is a retired Air Force colonel and was the first full-time physician acupuncturist in the Armed Forces.

He originally conceived this technique as a way to deliver pain relief through acupuncture as quickly and efficiently as possible in combat and other military situations. It is growing in popularity in both military and civilian medical settings internationally.

This unique technique uses semi-permanent ASP® needles to activate ear points in order to influence the processing of pain in the central nervous system. According to Dr Niemtzow, pain relief can be immediate and hold for a longer stimulation. It can also be used in case of anxiety and insomnia.

A Solution to reduce opioid consumption

BFA was recognized in 2019 as a solution to fight the opioid crisis by the Association of American Medical Colleges and presented in the documentary Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare in 2012.

In this excerpt you can see the insertion of ASP® needles at 4.26:

Training Information:

Dates:  29-30 October 2022 in Manchester with the support of The College of Auricular Acupuncture with a fee of £297.00.

Who can attend this training:

Therapists who attend this training should be allowed to use needles according to the laws in their country.

Trainer: John Howard is an acupuncturist. As a protégé of Dr. Niemtzow, he has been training Battlefield Acupuncture since 2007 in America and Europe. To learn more about him and about BFA click here.

Course content:

  • Understand the history behind the BFA protocol
  • Learn how to do the BFA and Advanced BFA Protocol
  • Effectively use ASP® needles
  • Recognize side effect and results of BFA
  • Apply BFA and Advanced BFA in clinical practice successfully and know when to use the protocol

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 Some Studies and articles on BFA:

“What makes BFA different is that it is safe, easily teachable, and a highly effective treatment option” Dr Niemtzow


More information : Email: info@auricularacupuncturecollege.com
Tel: 0345 094 9186

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Battlefield Acupuncture Training 29-30 October

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