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Product Description

AWQ105 Pro

  • 5 outputs, including one output exclusively for a detection & stimulation probe.
  • Frequency & pulse width are adjustable and separated into two groups,

Group 1 Channels 1 & 2,
Group 2 Channels 3 & 4. (Instead of 1 frequency and 1 width for all channels)

  • 2 LCD for displaying precise frequency of each group and one LCD for showing sensitivity during acu-point detection and frequency during direct stimulation with probe.
  • 3 different modes, Continuous, Modulate and Burst.
  • High and Low selection of output.
  • Timer selection for treatment, Continuous, 15 minutes and 30 minutes.
  • Buzzer on / off for sound control during point detection.
  • Steady output intensity increment control, no crossover, and no interference between each output.


Waveform: Biphasic Square Wave with a negative spike.

Pulse Width: 

50 - 500 µS adjustable, when in X1 position
10 - 100 µS, when in X5 position

Pulse Rate: 1-100 Hz, adjustable, when in X1 position 5-500 Hz, adjustable, when in X5 position


Constant: pulse rate and width are adjustable from 1 - 100 Hz, & 50 - 500 µS respectively at X1 position, and from 50 - 500 Hz & 10 -100 µS respectively at X5 position.

Modulation: Preset Pulse Rate and width ramp up and down for 6 seconds per one cycle.

Burst: Preset Pulse Rate and width 3 seconds; 3 seconds


NOTE TO USA CUSTOMERS:  This unit does not currently hold FDA approval, so we are unable to sell this model for shipment to the USA.


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AWQ105 Pro

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