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Acu-Warmer Ginger / Moxa

What would you think about herbal hot water bottle you can wear with you as you go? Introducing the π”Έπ•”π•¦π•Žπ•’π•£π•žπ•–π•£ ℍ𝕖𝕒π•₯π•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ ℙ𝕒π•₯𝕔𝕙, a combination of medically active herbs and a warming chemical reaction, designed to treat the body based on Chinese medicine principles. Great for tummy problems, pre-menstrual cramps and many other issues besides! It comes in several forms containing either soothing π”Ύπ•šπ•Ÿπ•˜π•–π•£ or pain-relieving 𝕄𝕠𝕩𝕒


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Acu-Warmer Ginger / Moxa

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